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"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice  CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca1-604-491-4410

Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"Kristy, Thank you so much for that wonderful workshop on SHOCK.  The Nurses thoroughly enjoyed it and at still talking about the new "slant" on Shock that you have given them.  As usual, they were also impressed by your vast knowledge base and ease of presentation" (P. Wesley, Greater Victoria Hospital Society)


"We wish to thank you for speaking again at our Annual Symposium on Current Perspectives in Cardiovascular Disease.  We were all very pleased with the success of this year's program.  The program evaluations are extremely positive and complimentary - your topics were very well received.  Thank you again for your excellent presentations and contribution to our symposium.  It was a pleasure to have you visit St. John." (J. Meleanson, Coordinator, Cardiovascular Symposium, NB Heart Centre)


"Our fall meeting was held in Terrace in October, with an impressive turnout of members. We hosted a one-day seminar which was presented by Kristy Molnar of Critical Care Consultants. The topic was Cardiac Crisis, and I think it is safe to say that it was enjoyed by all!" (BCORNG, Mills Memorial Hospital)


"On behalf of Continuing Nursing Education, University of Saskatchewan, I want to thank you for being the Keynote Speaker at our recent workshop.  We really appreciated your knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment in making this a successful program" (Program Coordinator, College of Nursing, Continuing Medical/Nursing Education)


"We were referred to Critical Care Consultants by another hospital in our Healthcare Region, and were extremely pleased with the educational quality and services provided.  Kristy Molnar is truly inspirational and helped motivate our entire staff.  We definitely plan to use Critical Care Consultants services again in the near future!" (Fraserhealth Authority)


"Kristy, I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you for the wonderful workshop.  You were amazing!  We really enjoyed the day. As well, all the nurses I talked to raved about how you made 12-Leads make sense and how much they learned from your presentations.  Those that could not attend were very long in the mouth yesterday when they heard from their coworkers what a great session they missed. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your knowledge with us. "   (CNE, ICU's, VIHA)


Your participation at the Critical Care conference was extremely well received by the multidisciplinary participants, and contributed to the overall success of the confernce.  (B. McLellan, Director Trauma Program, Chair, Critical Path Conference, Sunnybrook)



Past Workshop Participant have said ...


"Kristy is an excellent speaker.  Her knowledge is amazing!" 

"Ms. Molnar makes things so easy to understand - all the pieces seemed to come together for me!"

"What a great workshop - I could have spent a whole day on each of the topics, if I had the time."

"Very practical information; what you need to know to provide the best possible patient care in every setting"

"I would love to attend another workshop presented by Kristy Molnar on any Critical Care topic"

"Extremely knowledgeable & personable.  Made it easy to understand.  Amazing teaching abilities"

"Beautifully presented.  Knowledgeable, humorous & articulate Nurse Educator ... inspiring and awesome"

"Wow, what an amazing & knowledgeable speaker"

"Best workshop ever!"

"Your presentation ... outstanding, mesmerizing, down-to-earth, practical. What can I say?  You are a hit!"

"Nothing but RAVE reviews!"  "You know your stuff!"

"Excellent follow-up following the retreat ... Speaker had a SOLID NURSING background, and is CURRENT.  This session helped us get ourselves focused for the future.

"This workshop was extremely easy to understand.  The instructor was able to teach at my level of comprehension"

"More workshops like this are needed!"  "Your workshops are more organized, informative, practical and clinical relevant."

"You are an inspiration whenever I listen to you!"

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