"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca 1-604-491-4410
"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice  CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca1-604-491-4410

Critical Care Consultant's Programs:

“DEMYSTIFYING CLINICAL ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY: Highlighting Myocardial Ischemia, Injury & Infarct”
New 2016 Program, Kristy Molnar, Partner - Critical Care Consultants
Available on Contract - Your most Cost-Effective option!
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Clinical Electrocardiography Word Cloud
HEMODYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION: Monitoring, Surveillance, Intervention & Assessment
New for 2016, Kristy Molnar, Partner - Critical Care Consultants
Available on Contract - Your most Cost-Effective option!
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Hemodynamic Optimization Word Cloud
"SURVIVING SEPSIS: Improving Care ... Saving Lives", Kristy Molnar, Critical Care Consultants
Updated for 2016 - Contract options available
Critical Care Consultants - Surviving SE[...]
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In addition to our advertised workshops, we offer our services on a contractual basis.  These are available to hospitals, professional associations, education institutions, and health care industry.  If you have identified learning needs, we may be able to help.   We provide a valuable link between industry & practice.

Through attention to detail, we custom design our programs to match each group's learning needs and goals.

Regional workshops and contract options provide high-quality educational opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Workshops for:


Clinical Specialties (Critical Care, Emergency, Trauma, Post Anesthesia, Coronary Care, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Surgical, Medical, Neurological, Renal, Pediatric, Neonatal, Perinatal), Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology & Health Care Management

Additional Clinical Workshops :


Alarm Strategies & Patient Safety

Patient Monitoring versus Clinical Surveillance - Applied Monitoring Strategies

Cardiopulmonary Clinical Assessment - Meeting Tissue Demands


Advanced Physiologic Assessment - It's more than just Monitoring!


Sepsis: A Multisystem Insult!


Critical Care Concepts for Emergency Nursing


Acute Respiratory Failure: Focus on Oxygenation, Ventilation & Cellular Metabolism


Physiologic Monitoring: Tried & True, Exciting & New


Shock & Resuscitation - Protecting Organ Function


Advanced Ventilation and Respiratory Care


Updates in Resuscitation and Fluid Management


Fluid and Electrolyte and Acid-Base Equilibrium


Introduction to Electrocardiography & Basic Dysrhythmias


Understanding Advanced Dysrhythmias


Demystifying Clinical Electrocardiography


Critical Care Trauma Management




Understanding Medical Technology from a Physiologic Perspective (BME, Clinical Engineers and IMIT focus)














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