"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca 1-604-491-4410
"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice  CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca1-604-491-4410


Kristy Molnar

Partner, Consultant & Professional Education Services

Kristy Molnar is a founding Partner of Critical Care Consultants, working as a Consultant and Educator throughout Canada and the United States for the past 30 years.   In this capacity, she has also worked on contract as a Clinical Application Specialist, Process Consultant and in delivering Professional Education Services for the Healthcare Industry throughout in North America.  Her key area of interest is on advanced physiologic assessment and monitoring practice.


Kristy is a frequent and popular presenter at Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.   She has also done contract work for Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Corporations and the Medical Industry.   She has published many articles pertaining to Critical Care Nursing practice and Healthcare-related issues. She remains an active member in a number of professional practice groups.


Kristy Molnar is renowned for her innovative approach to advanced cardiorespiratory concepts, shock and physiologic monitoring.  She has extensive and varied clinical experience in Critical Care Nursing practice, Healthcare Technology and Informatics, and is an internationally acclaimed workshop facilitator and professional lecturer.

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Partner, Program Director & Business Development

Roy Molnar

Roy Molnar is also a founding Partner of Critical Care Consultants.  Roy has an Bachelors in Political Science (Hons) and a Masters of Adult Education and Human Resource Development.   Prior to establishing Critical Care Consultants, Roy worked in various Business sectors and Law.


Roy brings with him an organizational and process consulting perspective, and also assists in program evaluation and design.   His management skills have helped to integrate business, healthcare and education within Critical Care Consultants.


Roy is the current Program Director for Critical Care Consultants.

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