"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca 1-604-491-4410
"Commitment to Excellence" ... Bridging the Gap between Technology and Practice  CriticalCareConsultants@shaw.ca1-604-491-4410

About Critical Care Consultants:

Our Mission

Critical Care Consultants specializes in Health Care Education and Human Resource Development.  We are a group of professionals working with one another to enhance professional education and patient care.   We promote sharing of Clinical, Educational and Practice Excellence.

Company Profile

Critical Care Consultants develops and facilitates workshops on many topics within Clinical Specialties, Principles of Education, and Human Resource Development.  We offer our services on a contractual basis to Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Professional Associations and Corporations.

Established in 1985 as an independent firm addressing the Continuing Education needs of Critical Care Nurses across Canada.  Critical Care Consultants is one of the initial, and remains the premier continuing education company, addressing the needs of Canadian practitioners by practicing Canadian educators.  We are a group of Canadian Professionals working with one another in order to enhance nursing continuing education and patient care.

Our "In-House" programs are cost-effective and are custom made to meet your specific Learning or Training needs.

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